Thursday, June 5, 2008

words from a monsoon windowsill...

Auto came over yesterday evening with his laptop. after a reasonably competitive stint with CS, i unwittingly moved on to fifa 2007. what i had forgotten was that the last time i had been playing it, over a year back, i had left real madrid in a very experimental formation. the 2 real vs barca matches for us thus ended in utterly humiliating scorelines of 1-6 and 1-friggin-9. I've been practising, and i cant wait till he comes down today. Bitan was supposed to come at 5 for taking music. he calls me at 5 past..."reetam, bujhli to, ghumiye porechhilam. aami berochchhi 5 minitey." he finally reached at 6. the next hour went in discussing Bitan's (entirely fictional) sexual escapades, led on by auto and complemented by yours faithfully. anyway, i shall leave out the grisly details.

Abhilash calls me today morning, saying that he possibly wont be able to come over in the morning. i told him that since he looks like a goon in any case, all he needs to do is start marching while shouting slogans like "jonotar shonge ikir-mikir-chaam-chikir khela cholbe na cholbe na". no one will stop him. but since he looks like a didi devotee as well, he should wear red for today's outing. tomorrow it wont be a problem in any case. heh.

1. why cant all parties call the bandh together? why waste 2 days of my precious time? WHY?
2. since today's and tomorrow's WBUT exams have been cancelled, it means malu shall not be leaving on the 18th. it alse means, possibly, that samya, sayan, dibbo et al won't be able to come down after the 13th. *SIGH*.


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