Friday, March 8, 2013

make you feel

is it cold
is it cold where you lie
wrap me around you
let me be your song
till we both die

can you hear
can you hear me through the din
do we walk back home
alone once again
and back to where we've been?

will it stop
will it stop to pour once more
i can only sleep in the rain
and when i wake i won't
remember what came before.

i wrote you a song back there
of raindrops in paper cups
of the waft of morning coffee
and chimes at dusk
playing late into the night
but you wouldn't let me sing it
coz it keeps you up thinking
it might make you feel.

物の哀れ(mono no aware)

it's been a while
since i stopped trying to rhyme my words for you;
it doesn't sit well with being speechless.
on the contrary, the poems became tunes
which then dried up into thoughts
things i wanted to say out loud
but you would hush me before i could
till our silence together became a wall.

you're in songs, still.
when i least expect it, a snatch of lyric
taking me back to times that are now lost
somewhere amidst the clamor of trams
the rustling of turning pages
the sound of your tiptoes and your smile
am i but a memory to you by now?
i am done here, by the way. 

PS - the name of the poem shares itself with a Japanese phrase which relates to the ephemeral nature of things. it goes well with how i have been feeling for a while now...


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