Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things I shal miss about Pune

Fudge in chocolate sauce
kapil, ishaan and daniel
otherwise known as
dark element, shadow and dan midou
deepti sheetal and vandana
otherwise known as
accident girl, chainsaw girl and topper girl
walks on FC road at 2AM
pan tapris and black pulsars
R1, M16 and the kimaya
walking on the streets of camp
with a destination nowhere
F1, home to the wildest and weirdest gang in pune
witness to
booze parties, weed parties, and parties
witness to
football past midnight, frisbee and cricket
witness to
jazz, blues, punk, metal and pop
witness to
tales i couldn't finish telling in a lifetime
long rides
trips to sinhagad,just to sit on the hillside
discuss books, anime,music and movies over snacks
in short
contemplate the nature of the universe
throwing rules out of the window
total disrespect to routine
sleeping all day and partying all night
being known as the earphones dude
and the laptop guy
airtel friendz2
and talking for hours unending
savera, vaishali, good luck cafe
george, blue nile and sarjaa
cookies with coffee
sitting in the aisles of british library
and reading till the closing bell rings
secret trips to pondy and kolkata
the glorious feeling of homecoming
climbing fergusson hill
and climbing back down in the rain
experimenting with cooking
and unpleasant repercussions thereafter
three years spent in three different ways
being three different people
you know, stuff...


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