Sunday, May 2, 2010


and i can see how
the shrapnel of our emotions
changes the world around us.

and bits get damaged
as reality caves in at times
to the delusions we choose.

we filter out the
synesthetic sounds of dreams
and are left with mere b/w.

we become robots
to music that is not music
which has kept us spellbound.

the colours within
isolated from the ones without
live on in enforced loneliness.

the voices fadeaway
and the lyrics get lost in a haze
and you're suddenly so far away...

n.b. i'm not sad. i'm not such. dunno why i wrote this all of a sudden. maybe because its raining outside...and there was always someone who was like the rain in my life...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

James Blunt on Topgear

James Blunt as the guest in Topgear. 2nd December 07. Absolutely hilarious.


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