Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am,
A tune on a minor scale,
with rhymes to buy from whoever will sell;
The occasional laughter in my dreams
and a life slowly coming apart at the seams.
A new old book with yellowed pages,
scribbles on the margins and frayed edges,
and a flower pressed inside for no one to find,
its scent still lingering in the nooks of my mind...

I was re-reading some of my old poems a while back, and there was E-minor, something I had written almost exactly two years back.This poem is different from that in almost all possible ways, but for me they are somehow related...

Image Courtesy - Place Promised in Our Early Days, by Makoto Shinkai

Thursday, December 16, 2010

For No One

Does it rain in your dream tonight,
or do you tread snow?
And if the road is there no more
would you know where to go?

Does the sunset shine on your eyes
or glow behind your back?
Will you touch roadside flowers,
fill the colours they lack?

Will you be my blurry sky
when it rains and rains
will you let me hold your hand
as we both go insane...

Does it hurt every time you smile
across tear stained glass?
Whenever you turn back and wave
at the days that have passed?

Image Courtesy - Voices of a Distant Star, by Makoto Shinkai.

Frayed Dreams

and when it rains while i dream tonight
and my senses can feel only in gray,
will there be a pavement where footsteps echo,
or a breeze carrying words we don't say?

and when our laughter is but a memory
fading with each passing thought,
will there be anyone to walk with me
and look for what I've always sought?

and while the grass grows longer
around us where we stand,
if i open my fingers out against the wind
will i feel the touch of a hand?

our shadows they cross each other
but never quite seem eye to eye.
for we once forbade their smiles to touch,
though they still don't understand why...


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