Sunday, May 19, 2013

In between Dreams

between the obvious and yesterday
between the thunderstorm and the rainbow puddles
between clenched eyes and a broken smile
is there any place for me?

between the joke and the pun of love
between the grey skies of stagnation and the rain of release
between your walls and mine
is there shelter for a dream?

between the haze and a touch of dew
between what is lost and what will never be found
between the teardrop and the floor
is there space for a metaphor?

between your shadow and my nightmare
between what we shared and what we never will
between your lies and my betrayal
is there time for another song?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

dare to sing

words aren't enough
and i need to look away
lest that smile
smoulders my walls.
i am just incidental now
or in a complicated web
of belief and not
you want me to be so.

take this song
hold it tight
no, i will not skip it
listen to it
the window is there
throw it out
bit by bit
let the strands of us tear
and the edges of the
memories fray
till all is left is

you started building
your wall
as i started breaking mine
halfway through
we were cut off
oh wait i forgot
we is not a word any more
i'll get used to it :)

there will be a box
sealed up tight
in a corner of my mind
with a label of you
written in smudged letters
i'll stay away from it.
come take it back sometime?
i could do with the space.

'Got your message.
How and why?
Because I appreciate irony,
songs in the dark, books. I
accept people for the way
they are and I dare to sing.'

or so was said.
see, it wasn't hard to turn you
into a poem after all.
the spell has ended.
the song has stopped.
the lights come back on now.
let me take my final bow?


Monday, May 13, 2013

clockwork dream

My clockwork dream it starts tonight
Its blurred edges just out of sight
sepia toned and gilt engraved
long forgotten and dust framed.

A patchwork past hung on the wall
faded out of sight for all
take it down and throw it out
let the hole it leaves stand out.

tongue twisted thoughts they come to mind
a stained glass dream that has gone blind
ticking on and ticking down
burning bridges without a sound.

faking a blue hue while we sleep
blue tears roll down yet we don't weep
blue tinted songs when we wake up
our smiles rolled out our heart shut up.

and yet we dream this clockwork dream
ticking away, nipping at the seams
of the taped up book with a happy end
of the broken verse that will never mend.


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