Thursday, December 4, 2008

We lost the skyline....

its been years since i started painting questions across the skyline
on my way back from school;
walking dusty afternoon roads or cold, unwelcome landscapes
with only my imaginary friend to guide the way.
strumming my guitar
while living life in E-minor.
For a long time i've just been a numeral in a crowd;
strolling through forums on different timezones
exchanging pleasantries with smiling avatars,
very few of whom have faces beneath their masks...
most have just more masks.
been arriving somewhere for ages now,
somewhere which is definitely not here.
how can i be sure i'm here in the first place?
the fear of a blank planet seems to have put more stupid dreams in my head...
of stars in the country, summer, and her...
the sky's been moving sideways since then...


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