Monday, October 15, 2012

Paper Wings

so they asked me why i didn't write anymore,
and i said my words have dried.
but then i thought i should write a verse
for it's been a while since i've tried.

i stretched my imagination all through my mind
for the perfect poem i could write,
and then it struck me and i realised
that you don't need wings to fly.

a thought is enough, a wisp of a smile,
maybe not serious and deep,
i don't need to write on dreams and stuff
when i could write about sleep or sheep.

so i'm wondering what to pen down here;
it doesn't need to make your day,
it doesn't need to be meaningful
as long as it makes sense in a way.

even that isn't really necessary,
i could write about random stuff.
i've written about mundane things before,
about cotton candies and fluff.

and i could write about sunshine
on bubbles with a rainbow sheen,
or stuff that i've written before,
like mittens on a winter evening.

i'd have liked this to be a song
but the words don't fit in right,
i can't put a tune to it
but i'd love for you to try.

it's great if it makes you smile,
these words picked off the street.
not meant to last for long as such
but more a tune for your feet.

to catch you unawares when at times
your world is gloomy all around;
and lift your day, just by a bit,
with a rainbow of happy sounds.

and with this i'll leave you be, for
i've penned enough words for tonight,
let me paste them on these paper wings
and see if they can help me fly.


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