Thursday, June 30, 2011


The night
is a colour
a tint of grey
with careless splatterings of sepia
it is the sleet
biting into coherent thoughts
wearing their edges out
and making them
examples of conformance
any dissidence torn apart by the wind.

The wind
is a feeling
sharper than sight or touch
lashing out in all directions
it knows no light, knows no shadow
it knows only form
seeking it always to break it down
till there are no mountains
and all that once stood in the line of sight
are washed away by the rain.

The rain
is an alphabet
a song in each drop
a story in each trail
it leaves on your skin
it is rain that falls on your face
but it is sweat and tears and blood
that runs down your body to the concrete
and you leave muddy footprints on the ground
that are soaked up by invisible roots of forgotten trees.

The tree
is a silent song
that is heard by all and none
reaching out from the ground
and into the heavens, arms outstretched
it hears the stories of the wind
and hears the stories of the rain
an hears the stories of a million footsteps
we shall wither but new leaves shall grow
and the treesong will echo in the empty realms of thought.

Lost in the night

        Lost in the night
        are the colours of the sky
        letting clouds pass by to unknown lands
        while we dream in grey.

        Lost in the night
        are ripples in the puddle
        the shimmer of a pale moon
        keeping watch over stray dreams.

        Lost in the night
        are curling wisps of smoke
        and the sharp smell of nicotine
        to go with thoughts of rain.

        Lost in the night
        are stray draughts of winds
        looking for the company
        of the wind chimes in my room.

        lost in the night
        are ten million shadows
        tired after the day's toil
        of being the other side of light.

        Lost in the night
        are use and throw smiles
        littered across the pavements
        and nobody to pick them up.

        Lost in the night
        is the feel of fingers entwined
        the last kiss on her doorstep
        and his walk back alone.

        Lost in the night
        are two minor chords
        words from a poem not written
        notes from a song not sung.

        Lost in the night
        are walls between you and me
        while we look at the same star
        and smile in fond memory.

        And the star seems closer
        than you and i are
        and you crumple our last moment
        and throw it out in the rain.

        And smiles we shared
        fall away like leaves in winter
        we walk, never looking back
        till we're lost in the night.


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