Friday, January 7, 2011


every road i have to walk
and every key that has no lock
and every door i've had to knock
on when evening comes.

and every night without a day
and every word i have to say
and every barn where i lay
when my legs feel numb

a summer night
a winter sky
thoughts of rain
a pale goodbye
and i dream in grey
and i dream in grey

grasping at a flitting thought
the horizon i have sought
the special place that i lost
with the rooster's call

on every corner of the road
past the pavement where i stood
the streetlights flicker like my mood
till the moment is past

the last time 
that i smiled
the morning dew
our fates entwined
and i dream in grey
and i dream in grey

i am there i am here
till the day we disappear
we are not what we were
and my dream is a song

and my dream is a song.

would have been much more comfortable with this poem song had i written it in some other season.

Image courtesy . Sayali


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