Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts as i stood on the Crossroads to Nowhere

following the footsteps
of the great idiot;
painting onto the canvas
of forgotten dreams,
with colors you can see
only with your eyes closed.
learning to perform miracles;
practising, believing,
until they are easier than breathing.
laughing the clouds
off the face of the sun,
and crying the rain down
to wash away a broken, battered heart.
wanting to be for just a day
a flower;
or maybe a drop of water in a calm pond.
killing time, waiting for something
to happen. the phone to ring, maybe.
smiling at nobody for no reason
in particular; and seeing an expersated face
across the looking glass.
living life in slow-motion-turbulence.
we are all but mannequins on a stage,
the backdrop for a great play
for a yet invisible audience
(whose sense of humour intrigues me).
you're most cordially invited.
your laughter and tears shall suffice
as the price.....

Yume no Tsubasa

what colour are my dreams?
red, blue, green or black?
are they real or just streams
of cotton fluff lying around?

should i try and touch
them? i dunno what will happen.
honestly,i really don't know much
about all this dreams and stuff.

i supposedly am real.
whatever that means.
its only that sometimes i feel
my dreams are more alive than i am.

i woke up in the middle of the night
to find dreams floating over my head.
wispy, slight, translucent, bright,
a kaleidoscope of shapes and hues.

the only thing i wanna know,
...are they a part of me?
and what happens if i let go
of them? do i fade away too?

can i please see your dreams, too?


i play a tune...
of wide open skies
with cotton clouds and clear,
of my family and friends
and all that i hold dear.

i sing a song...
of chilly winter evenings
when sentences turn misty;
spent with hot chocolate
and books, old and dusty.

i hum along...
to life on a conveyer belt,
and unless we stop to stare
at what's all around us,
we'll never know who we are.

Friday, January 23, 2009


we sit for hours facing each other,
you and i; companions inseparable,
and anybody who would bother
to look at us would say we're in love.
worlds apart; yet made for one another.

i love to have you right beside me,
hold your hand while we share
a million adventures; would i be
insane if i wanted you to stay
with me for ever after, my dear lappy?


So let it rain now,
the colours of the sky,
whle i look up and ask
you how when where and why.

and then let the world come
crashing down;while you and i
stil hold hands and look on
into each others' eyes and smile.

and if we let ourselves step
right out of the map and fly,
we'll go to lands beyond the horizon;
careless, carefree, as days go by.

and then lets walk on oceans
as far as our eyes can see,
for i've waited for you snce
when you first painted a question for me.

and still i look to you at times
and wonder whether you are real.
wishing myself to build the courage,
to hold you back and tell you how i feel.

for i know the time will come,
when you'll spread your petal wings,
and even as i fail to tell you to stay,
fly way to a sky of forgoten dreams...


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