Monday, October 15, 2012

Paper Wings

so they asked me why i didn't write anymore,
and i said my words have dried.
but then i thought i should write a verse
for it's been a while since i've tried.

i stretched my imagination all through my mind
for the perfect poem i could write,
and then it struck me and i realised
that you don't need wings to fly.

a thought is enough, a wisp of a smile,
maybe not serious and deep,
i don't need to write on dreams and stuff
when i could write about sleep or sheep.

so i'm wondering what to pen down here;
it doesn't need to make your day,
it doesn't need to be meaningful
as long as it makes sense in a way.

even that isn't really necessary,
i could write about random stuff.
i've written about mundane things before,
about cotton candies and fluff.

and i could write about sunshine
on bubbles with a rainbow sheen,
or stuff that i've written before,
like mittens on a winter evening.

i'd have liked this to be a song
but the words don't fit in right,
i can't put a tune to it
but i'd love for you to try.

it's great if it makes you smile,
these words picked off the street.
not meant to last for long as such
but more a tune for your feet.

to catch you unawares when at times
your world is gloomy all around;
and lift your day, just by a bit,
with a rainbow of happy sounds.

and with this i'll leave you be, for
i've penned enough words for tonight,
let me paste them on these paper wings
and see if they can help me fly.

Friday, January 27, 2012

road - II

light a candle for me,
for i am lost,
past roads that i've walked
and oceans i crossed,
past sighing forests and leafy glades
and trees covered by frost.

say a prayer for me,
for i've gone astray,
looking for dreams in hopes,
for the colour of night in day,
for an empty vale and six feet under
where my heart lay.

sing me a song,
for i can no longer see,
and so i look around
for a lock to fit my key,
a hand to hold my own,
a voice to set me free.

write a letter to me,
for me to read aloud,
when the storm blows around me
and my heart is filled with doubt,
to calm the storm inside me,
so i no longer have to shout.

stranger roads we have walked
stranger paths remain still,
i search a fountain to drink
from till i've had my fill,
for summer showers and fields of flowers,
and a sunset beyond the hill.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

lies lies lies

take off that mask
let me see what's inside of you
are you as ugly as pretty as you are?

let me let you bask
in our afterglow right here
let me turn my face away and smirk in secret.

let me knock once, twice, thrice,
and wait for you to open the door
let me break down walls you don't even know are there.

we won't have a song together
no heartbreak no revenge
we're all just use and throw
and that's all that makes sense.

sit by the bed side
let me trace your curves of deceit
lie and lie mingles and we don't care.

see me out this time
of the door, mind body heart and soul
will you open up if i knock again?

your smile your lies
but you don't know
time after time
how i lie too
how i lie too.

p.s. - written as a song. no idea if i can put it to tune, though.

tell me

tell me,
what are those butterflies in front of my eyes,
tell me is it my turn to die,
for they won't open
as hard as i may try.

tell me,
whose fingertips i feel when i hold my hand out,
tell me if anyone can hear me shout,
or does nobody care enough
to break these walls of doubt.

tell me,
whose silence it is that i hear,
when i put my hands to shut my ears,
or is it just my own voice
clammed shut with fear?


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