Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a kingly conversation

i am your king. hello. hello?
learn to pay attention.
or i'll have you beheaded.
oh, did you take me seriously?
i was just kidding.
don't look so glum now.
i dont like that smirk either.
you think its easy being a king?
you WHAT?
you think its fun?!
it is not, trust me.
why, you ask?

i have
an endless number of queens to please
whose tantrums, requests never cease.
i would always prefer to be in battle
than hear them incessantly rattle
on about each others' flaws,
with me perpetually at a loss
as to what to say or where to run,
oh! I should have married just one
and been happy with a single queen.
kingship ain't as fun as it seems.

you see my point?
want to hear some more?
no, no. don't you stop me now....

every single night and day,
mad uncles and cousins i keep at bay,
who always plot to murder me
in most interesting ways, you see.
but they never seem to realise
that the very moment this king dies,
whoever comes next would hardly be
any different from poor old me.
their heads will also finally roll,
kingship always takes its toll.

see? being a king,
i'm normally expected to speak in rhymes.
oh. really?
you really think so?
the bards can rhyme them on their own?
even if i speak normally, like this?
i never would have known.
thank you very much.
do drop by my castle sometime.
i don't get too many guests.
yes, its right around the corner.
yes, this is my stop.
i would be getting off now.
nice to meet you...
yes, goodbye now...

Posted for the Monday Poetry Potluck.


Jingle said...

very playful verse,
fun way to know about the king...
beautiful poem!

RiikaInfinityy said...

Thank I got a great good laugh :P You don't wanna mess with the king hahaXDXD

Olivia said...

I read you wanted to read something serious- this is so much better!!
Light hearted and very playful- Alice in the Wonderland is what I could think of- Oh yessss- it's your turn to laugh now- I have read that novel when I was 18.. word by word..!!
I have watched it in animation and can watch a movie again.. You lines could very well be spun into a rhyme..
Too good.. :D

reetam said...

thank you thank you thank you!
i was planning to write further, but then i got a call and the whole chain of thought snapped :(
maybe i'll add to this later.
@riika. he's just a nice, benign king. don't be scared of him.
@jingle. thanks! been a while i tried something like this.
@olivia. well, i THINK tje style of writing has unknowingly been influenced by a roald dahl poem. just a bit....
and yes, OFF with her head did come to mind while writing the first bit :D

Anonymous said...

very cool writing..I could feel the cold of the "castle"

dhitzunako said...

Very clever monologue.

"oh! I should have married just one
and been happy with a single queen"


reetam said...

thanks, dhitz and woih!

Anonymous said...

a lovely, whimsical poem - lots of fun and a great read!

Anonymous said...

lots of fun ..

Anonymous said...

well this king is a very adorable character !!

Stafford Ray said...

Thoroughly enjoyable foray into delusion. But why are they always next to you on a bus where escape is impossible!
I hope you bowed deeply as you made your exit!

Stafford Ray said...

By the way, is that D major you are fingering?

Angela Cohan said...

So interesting. Reminded me of Coldplay's Viva la Vida lyrics a bit.


reetam said...

@gospelwriter, fiveloaf. thank you thank you! loved reading both your poems!

@ssina. haha. you could say that. plump, with a moustache.... that's kind of the image which comes to mind right now.

@stafford. oh yes i bowed. of course i did! i was playing a greenday song which needed my fingers on 3rd fret, 1st and 2nd strings. there was thus a Dsus4, but also a Cadd9, G and Em7.

@angela. thanks a ton. and coldplay lyrics? really? oh my. must check out how viva la vida goes.

Jingle said...

Thanks for playing,
Hope to see you next Monday..
follow our blog if you wish to.

Anonymous said...

surely it is hard to be King...I love your lighthearted playfulness.

Anonymous said...

Loved it! :-)

Jingle said...


two awards,
share with 1 to 10 poets you like…

River said...

Lol Great idea and poem :)

Anonymous said...

you are just awesome.
people will feel pity for kings after reading your poem. :)

sayali said...

hahaha...! LOL!
and LOL!!

Jingle said...

have a fun Saturday, see you tomorrow at our potluck.

short poems said...

Lovely verse, great ideas :)
Marinela x

reetam said...

thanks everybody for your comments!

Shashi said...

I liked the verse and your playfulness with the words and the King.. I enjoyed it.

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