Friday, January 23, 2009


So let it rain now,
the colours of the sky,
whle i look up and ask
you how when where and why.

and then let the world come
crashing down;while you and i
stil hold hands and look on
into each others' eyes and smile.

and if we let ourselves step
right out of the map and fly,
we'll go to lands beyond the horizon;
careless, carefree, as days go by.

and then lets walk on oceans
as far as our eyes can see,
for i've waited for you snce
when you first painted a question for me.

and still i look to you at times
and wonder whether you are real.
wishing myself to build the courage,
to hold you back and tell you how i feel.

for i know the time will come,
when you'll spread your petal wings,
and even as i fail to tell you to stay,
fly way to a sky of forgoten dreams...

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