Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts as i stood on the Crossroads to Nowhere

following the footsteps
of the great idiot;
painting onto the canvas
of forgotten dreams,
with colors you can see
only with your eyes closed.
learning to perform miracles;
practising, believing,
until they are easier than breathing.
laughing the clouds
off the face of the sun,
and crying the rain down
to wash away a broken, battered heart.
wanting to be for just a day
a flower;
or maybe a drop of water in a calm pond.
killing time, waiting for something
to happen. the phone to ring, maybe.
smiling at nobody for no reason
in particular; and seeing an expersated face
across the looking glass.
living life in slow-motion-turbulence.
we are all but mannequins on a stage,
the backdrop for a great play
for a yet invisible audience
(whose sense of humour intrigues me).
you're most cordially invited.
your laughter and tears shall suffice
as the price.....

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