Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frayed Dreams

and when it rains while i dream tonight
and my senses can feel only in gray,
will there be a pavement where footsteps echo,
or a breeze carrying words we don't say?

and when our laughter is but a memory
fading with each passing thought,
will there be anyone to walk with me
and look for what I've always sought?

and while the grass grows longer
around us where we stand,
if i open my fingers out against the wind
will i feel the touch of a hand?

our shadows they cross each other
but never quite seem eye to eye.
for we once forbade their smiles to touch,
though they still don't understand why...


Anonymous said...

your words make me love rain ... I will be back to read more of you, I'm really impressed with your writing ... keep the words coming!

Jingle said...


Jingle said...

Greetings, how are you?
you are invited to attend poets rally week 35, check out the link below to participate:
Happy Holidays!

reetam said...

@scentofmyheart. Thanks a lot for your comments. This has actually been written as a song. i want to add a couple of stanzas to this, though.
@jingle. thanks. i badly want to participate, but i've got exams in a few weeks and my only net access now is through my mobile. so i guess i'll wait till i get my net connection back on my computer...

disillusioned said...

you've written this as a song? put tune to it as well? i wanna hear!i wanna hear!!

ps-"...forbade our smiles to touch.."

reetam said...

sorry sorry. made a mistake there. this isn't the one i wrote as a song. For No One would be thjat. and i've put a tune to it as well. its nothing great, though...

JamieDedes said...

I share your affinity for rain. It does inspire... and this poem is inspired. Well done. I like it very much, Reetam. Thank you.


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