Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shards of Tonight

Last silhouette or first shadow
tonight has run out of words
and as hard as we try
teardrops raindrops never stop

heavy with sleep the trains roll on
leaking out shards of light
the people in it lost
resigned without a fight

the haze of speed the blur of rain
or of memories clouding the way
the floor stares back in silence
no one has nothing to say

skipping strings and slipping dreams
coloured in sad monochrome
hues of my very own shadow
the one who walks me home

in rain soaked neon drenched to the bone
firefly smiles from people we pass
new and improved happy on sale
but even this it won't last

lights out once you're out of sight
from now you're on your own
labelled you labelled i; never we
even as we all take the last train home.

nb. for there is only so long that you can keep all the words inside you.
less a poem more an amalgam of thoughts, images and ideas...

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