Friday, January 27, 2012

road - II

light a candle for me,
for i am lost,
past roads that i've walked
and oceans i crossed,
past sighing forests and leafy glades
and trees covered by frost.

say a prayer for me,
for i've gone astray,
looking for dreams in hopes,
for the colour of night in day,
for an empty vale and six feet under
where my heart lay.

sing me a song,
for i can no longer see,
and so i look around
for a lock to fit my key,
a hand to hold my own,
a voice to set me free.

write a letter to me,
for me to read aloud,
when the storm blows around me
and my heart is filled with doubt,
to calm the storm inside me,
so i no longer have to shout.

stranger roads we have walked
stranger paths remain still,
i search a fountain to drink
from till i've had my fill,
for summer showers and fields of flowers,
and a sunset beyond the hill.


Dork101 said...

Ramblings indeed.

Kuroneko said...

^ I agree.
It's very restless, each verse is about looking for something.
Ramblings indeed.


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