Monday, May 13, 2013

clockwork dream

My clockwork dream it starts tonight
Its blurred edges just out of sight
sepia toned and gilt engraved
long forgotten and dust framed.

A patchwork past hung on the wall
faded out of sight for all
take it down and throw it out
let the hole it leaves stand out.

tongue twisted thoughts they come to mind
a stained glass dream that has gone blind
ticking on and ticking down
burning bridges without a sound.

faking a blue hue while we sleep
blue tears roll down yet we don't weep
blue tinted songs when we wake up
our smiles rolled out our heart shut up.

and yet we dream this clockwork dream
ticking away, nipping at the seams
of the taped up book with a happy end
of the broken verse that will never mend.

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