Wednesday, November 25, 2009


the above statement is a fact.
the above statement is a conjecture.

or, actually, fact. i'm very close to a repeat telecast of last sem's disastrous result. disastrous used here as a gross understatement.
i'm one of those people who're come pre-equipped with a panic button. all these years, i've happily put away studying as long as possible. then when exams would be appropriately near, the panic button would get activated automatically and i'l start having nightmares about flunking, which would then propel me towards books.

but i think this panic button has a shelf life. i'm becoming surer by the day that it's acting up.

when i was in school, the panic button usually activated roughly 3 weeks before my exams.
by the time i waqs in 3rd year of college, that time had reduced to a week.
1st sem of my msc, that had come down to 2 days.
2nd sem and it didnt activate till i had the question paper in hand and actually blanked out.....

that was when i figured out something was very, very wrong.
so i've managed to temporarily fix it for the next 3 sems. but its coming apart again. 5 weeks left and i ain't half as scared as i ought to be. which equates to next to no studying. that's bad, right?

so, as i said earlier......HELP!!

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