Saturday, November 28, 2009

the song without a chorus

so many smiles,
so many faces,
so many lives
leave their traces.

so many nods,
so many tears,
so many feelings
over the years.

the fingers that softly
touched your cheek;
the voice you wanted
to hear all week.

those little things
that mattered a lot,
they never go away,
or so i thought.

so close, so far,
a heartbeat away;
to and fro thoughts
all night all day.

hands that push away
in both directions;
redundant feelings that
were your world once.

'tis a lonely song
that only sings alone,
like a dead letter,
or a ringing phone.

so me and my guitar
wait for a chorus;
for one more rainbow,
a silver lining for us...

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