Wednesday, December 2, 2009

conversation with a best friend.

Ishaan : fuck.. Dont you have 1 more yr to finish??
Reetam: results shud be out by august. round the time u return
Ishaan: Return of the King :D
Reetam: riiiite...
Ishaan: ahahahahahah
Reetam: anyway il need people around me to prevent me from hitting the slf destruct button now and again...heh
Ishaan: Tell me bout it..Luckily i have a few friends beside Phirrangs here. otherwise id be a goner..
Reetam: lol...and finally...i think i need a gf...a nice one...dont u dare laugh....
Ishaan: You cant have my girlfriend either!! Il pay for one if you want!!!!!
Reetam: dont want her....
Ishaan: Ahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha
Reetam: and no, you dont need to pay
Ishaan: Ahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhaha
Reetam: il be looking for one for keeps..
Ishaan: Ya thats good man. trust me. Im goin thru it!! :D
Reetam: goin thru what...paying for gfs? :P
Ishaan: I consider myself lucky to have found one!!
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reetam: and you almost ditched her too once, remember?
Ishaan: She pays for me OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????
Reetam: WOW!
Ishaan: Ya i do
Reetam: so ur a professional gigolo now? with a single assignment? :P
Ishaan: And you remember the time when were unwell and i forced you to go to Barista
with me just so i could have an excuse to meet her..
Reetam: awww.....cute lover boy....
Ishaan: By pays….i meant for my needs :)
Like food
Reetam: lol. LOL
Reetam: ya i get're still so easy to rile up.. :P
Ishaan: Hey i miss this shit man!! Im kinda miserable here..
Reetam: so do i....remember the first time you brought vibhav over to my old room?
it was raining…and we had one umbrella…and we went to mcdee's
Ishaan: Fuck i dont!!
Reetam: and argued abt who'll go and order
Ishaan: FUCK I DONT!!
Reetam: you had that job then...and u used to come and have chai every evening near my place....the kothrud one
the time we 1st went to lonavla. you me and vibhav
Ishaan: Ya i remember
Hehehehe…that was fun!!
Reetam: and u used to read one piece on your friggin mobile
which took a bath in lonavla :P
Ishaan: Naazkashi na..
hahahah ya
Reetam: fuck! i miss those times....
not the mobile bathing bit...the rest
Ishaan: That phone survived so much!!
And the way it got away from me is the WORST!!
I just went to that triangle park to have a sutta
1 simple fuckin sutta and i lose it in my society!!
Ive fuckin dropped it from the 5th floor and still worked..
Reetam: thats how you usually lose stuff...
way you least expect me
Ishaan: Haha
Speakin of phones im buying the N97
btw im in half a mind to post this conversation on my blog....
Ishaan: I dont mind..
Reetam: not even the gigolo bit?
Ishaan: I would be honoured :p for some reason..
Reetam: it'll be imported into my fb notes...
Ishaan: Especially the gigolo bit!!!!!

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