Tuesday, August 17, 2010

(and) to meet again.

and to meet
through rose tinted glass
throwing emotions into blur edged vision.

and to meet
in the verses of a song
just to sing one last chorus.

and to meet
to touch fingertips
and wonder why we're really here.

and to meet
to see the shape of your smile
and lose ourselves in synesthetic joy.

and to meet
to exchange dreams
and make promises of cameos.

and to meet
when the sea touches the clouds
and the spray and the drizzle kiss each other.

and to meet
to feel alive again
and leave the world in monochrome standstill.

near or far
night or day
here we are
just to say
this last verse of summer sky,
sitting and watching the embers fly.

n.b. this is kind of the the continuation of To meet again, which i wrote while in pune the last time. met a few people this time whom i don't know when i'l me meeting next. months, possibly years. this poem is stunted compared to the earlier one, and i dont like it half as much. still... mata ashite.


Anonymous said...

"and the spray and the drizzle kiss each other."
The best line in the poem.... the emotions strong...
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Bing (PinkLady) said...

what a beautiful, profound poem! :)

Anonymous said...

lovely series of images focusing on hope-- nicely done!

Anonymous said...

just fabulous. simply fantastic. a breath-taking poem.


reetam said...

@bing, mairmusic, trisha... Thanks a ton! Do check out the first part of this poem, the one this is a continuation of. I personally like that more :-)


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