Friday, August 6, 2010

Interlude (on a day like today)

It was my birthday yesterday. Which means that even though i'd gone to sleep at almost half past three, poor old me was taking calls from 630 in the morning. Anyway, its something i've gotten used to. The taking calls, replying to messages and to people wishing me on facebook went on all day, all evening, right till 1145 in the night i think, when puja called. Anyway, i didn't do much in the morning. Lazed around, mostly, watching anime and taking calls. This went on till afternoon, when 1. I had lunch 2. The power went, and 3. Kapil called and told me to come over. I was at his place from 130, i think. We watched anime and sitcoms and talked shop and discussed stuff till amit came by around 430. Then it was the three of us till we went and escorted daniel, and shanky came by at half past seven. The evening had the easy familiarity of friends used to the company of each other. Vedant was the last addition, and was a bit late in joining us. It was brilliant fun all the time. Reading manga, watching funny stuff on the net, discussing absolutely random stuff. Anyway, after some deliberation, we ordered our dinner, which was delivered within half an hour and consisted of chicken, chicken, everywhere. We greedily dug in while watching top gear, and achmed the terrorist. The fun continued once we had finished off our dinners, and it was only after 11 that the party broke. Vedant headed home and the rest of us headed for ice cream. Dan left right from there, and the rest of us were there, chatting for a while till we returned to kapil's place a couple of mins before midnight. We all wished shanky once the clock struck, and then the two of us headed out, he dropping me off before heading back himself. I got back a quarter of an hour past midnight, spent an hour with the spoils of the day (anime, movies and sitcoms) and was asleep, tired and happy, sometime after 1.
So sum it all up, a brilliant, brilliant day with my brilliant, brilliant friends...

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