Tuesday, November 23, 2010

make believe

i walked in through your dreams
into your dreams
stepped right across your mind
and across the seams
tha hold your heart together
when you don't believe
if you put you and I together
what you get ain't we.

and why can't you see
that we ain't meant to be
won't you let me leave
let me listen to my own heart beat
and in a haze of grey
when there's nothing more to say
all that's left
is make believe...

i can write you another song
if you like
but know that it will be
just another lie
can't you find your own way out
i don't have the time
coz you put you and I together
give me back the I

and if you put you and i together,
its still make believe....


Paul Andrew Russell said...

Nice poem, Reetam.

'let me listen to my own heart beat
and in a haze of grey...'

Lovely line.

reetam said...

thank you paul.... i've been writing this as a song... itys still incomplete, though...

Jingle said...

glad to see you post.
come to poets rally if you wish this week, now.
have fun!

disillusioned said...

this is my favourite. ..i cannot have enuf of this one..read it thru some nine times olready.. "if you and i together..its make believe" lol! i'd hv made it "if you put you and i together,its STILL make believe" ;)

reetam said...

change made. :)

Smack That said...

Found it. :)


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