Saturday, October 17, 2009

memories in motion II - the menthos experiment *shiver shudder shiver*

during my last month in pune i met vedant when he'd come on holiday. amit, ishaan and he came over at my place....we were on the terrace and decided to conduct the menthos experiment.
step 1 : take bottle of cold drinks
improvisation - since we were not sure how intense the reaction would be, we reduced the level a little from the 500ml thums up bottle we had, a sip per person.

step 2 : take menthos and literally shove it down the bottle's throat.
tidbit - ishaan, dyslexic as he is, took a lot of time in placing them on the palm of his hand properly. even then i think a couple of em fell off.

step 3: enjoy as shown below.

end result, in ishaan's words....the fizz is fucked....
cheers to that.

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