Saturday, October 17, 2009

memories in motion III - Aila re

the afternoon that Aila struck, we were in college. it was a monday, and they let us off right after the break. pointless, since it was already raining heavily by then, and trains had stopped running. there was no way out of kalyani....
i was the first one to dare the 15min walk back to our outhouse. i wore my bag like a kevlar vest since the rain was lashing (yes, i mean it very literally) from behind. i managed to open my umbrella (possible for the aforesaid reason), not to protect myself from the rain, that would be impossible, but from missiles flying around in the wind. the normally 15 min walk took almost 30 mins. i was being constantly shoved from behind by the wind and the rain, and every time i would see a bike or a van approaching, i would hastily come off the road, scared that a strong gust might throw it at me. progress was excruciatingly slow. the videos i took are pretty bad, since everything around was a blur. luckily i reached my room unscathed, with more or less everything in my bag dry, including my mp3 player and my cell.

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