Saturday, October 17, 2009

memories in motion I - school friends through the viewfinder

this is over a year old...sometime in june last year,, bhupen and samya came over to play CS at my place...i had got the switch from pune (was on my last ever 'holiday' then)....we hooked up my lappy, my brother's, auto's and sam's. though i am obviously the worst player of the 4, i must have been in luck that evening. when sam teamed up with me initially, we won. when auto and i teamed up later for a GG (garia guys) vs BB(bansdroni boys) showdown, we won again....heh. this is just us setting stuff up.

we'd gone to play football at benricke, and dibya made a befitting entry...seriously, we've known him since class 4 and he still cracks us up...

this is an instructional video as to why you should wear atleast 3 levels of clothing over your undies. sorry about the quality of the video.

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