Saturday, February 6, 2010

lost, found and still looking for...

most people have a list of what they want from life. some are conscious of the fact, some are not. when i tried to come up with mine, it turned out kind of funny...heh heh heh...judge for yourselves.

i want(in no specific order)-
1. manageable hair.
2. to not ruin my ears irrespective of how much music i listen to.
3. more good books at the library.
4. a tattoo.
5. an irish accent.
6. to be able to rhyme sentences with less difficulty.
7. to keep my weight below 70kg.
8. to grow slightly taller (an inch or so should do).
9. to be able to attempt a question paper...all of it. not make too many grammatical mistakes. ride inside Bumblebee. believe in something that cannot be explained. sing better.
14.a job.
15.a swanky sports car, preferably a porsche 911 turbo. be able to play the violin. attend my favourite bands' gigs.
18.more kurtas.
19.a pair of blackberry trousers. hold hands with my imaginary friend. be a kid in school once more. take long walks in the rain without catching a cold.
23.fewer wars. (please?) spend more time with the people who mean the most to me. get locked up inside BCL one night. visit ireland, japan and germany (in that order of preference). not go bald later in life, preferably. be able to say meaningful things without sounding cliched. be in a kickass band, someday. sleep.

more would be coming as i think up of them...

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